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Jacksonville Divorce Attorney

The breakup of a marriage is an extremely challenging time. It can be difficult to navigate the waters of a changing relationship, co-parenting children and trying to manage the distribution of property on your own.

In the Jacksonville and Duval County, FL areas, Fletcher & Phillips has been providing specialized marital & family law services since 1985. Our divorce lawyers understand the stress of this difficult time and work closely with clients to assist in crafting the best possible settlement.

Our Services

We focus our practice in family law. This allows you to work with a family law attorney with years of experience in assisting people through this often emotional time of line.

When you meet with any of our divorce attorneys in Jacksonville, we will answer your questions and provide information about the divorce process. Often people have misunderstandings about divorce that add to the stress and uncertainty of the process. Your lawyer will ensure you are informed about your case at each step along the way.

We can provide information on alimony, modification of custody post-divorce or for support for child custody and co-parenting options. We also provide estate planning services which may also be required when a divorce occurs.

Litigation and Settlement Opportunities

While each family law attorney in the firm has litigation experience and is prepared to proceed through the court with your divorce, we also understand that arriving at a mutually agreeable settlement offers a low-conflict settlement option.

We can provide mediation services for our clients to allow couples to negotiate their divorce with the assistance of a third-party neutral, the mediator. This is also a service that can be used for custody modifications and co-parenting plan development at any time after the divorce is finalized.

For more information on the marital & family law services offered at Fletcher & Phillips, give us a call today at 904-353-7733.