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Fletcher & Phillips is a family law firm in Jacksonville, Florida, with over 35 years of experience in all aspects of Family Law, including adoption. The attorneys are well-versed in Trial litigation as well as in divorce negotiation and mediation for clients who seek to divorce or change the terms of a divorce through modification of custody, alimony, visitation, support or distribution of property in northern Florida.

As trial lawyers, they take pride in their ability to successfully litigate to conclusion when settlement is not possible. From the initial conference onward they collect and study information with the purpose of going to trial. Litigation, however, should be a last resort, and they will make every effort to set the tone for successful negotiation.

Setting that tone, which minimizes strife and promotes cooperation, is the quality that distinguishes Fletcher & Phillips from other family law firms. They recognize and implement mediation as a viable and preferred alternative to litigation.

Our attorneys work well together, bringing diverse perspectives and unique gifts to any case on which they collaborate.

Our attorneys, Lyman T. Fletcher, Michael R. Phillips, Eric J. Friday, Dyvonnda G. Thurston, and Marisa O’Connor have extensive experience and recognition in matters of Florida family law. “Attorney Lyman T. Fletcher has been Board Certified in Marital and Family Law, and a Fellow with the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers. Attorney Michael R. Phillips is a Barrister and past Jacksonville Executive Committee member of the Florida Family Law Inns of Court. Attorney Eric J. Friday is a member of the Florida Family Law Inns of Court and licensed to practice in both the State of Florida and the State of Alabama.

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Many times, even though divorce is emotional and stressful, we are able to craft solutions through mediation that minimize acrimony or blame and progress toward cost-effective agreements.